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2020 Monday Night Public League


This registration is only for players that played in league in 2019.  If you are new and looking to sign up for this league, please contact David at for details about being added to our new player waitlist.

Registration for 1 returning player for our Monday Night Public League. After sign up is completed, we will confirm your registration.

In the comments section at check out, please indicate who your partner will be.

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 2020 Monday Public League Information

This registration is only for players who have already signed up for league in 2020.  If you are new and looking to sign up for this league, please contact David at for details about being added to our new player waitlist.


  • May 4th FRONT, 11th BACK, 18th FRONT,
  • June 1st BACK, 8th FRONT, 15th BACK, 22nd FRONT,  29th BACK
  • July 6th FRONT, 13th BACK, 20th FRONT, 27th BACK,
  • August 3rd FRONT

(SKIPPING May 25th - Memorial Day)

$445+tax per player.  This includes 9-holes, golf car, and prizes.  Fee also includes a Gold Member Pass for the 2020 season. Your Gold Member Pass will give you a 20% discount on your greens fees outside of league play.


Handicap Fees may be purchased for $35 in the golf shop. Handicap is great way to track your scores and also make sure that you are playing on the same level as your playing partners. Please contact the golf shop at 608-837-4774 for more details.



Eligibility and Handicaps:
Each member of the team should be able to average a nine-hole score of 52 or less - or be able to complete nine-holes of golf, in a foursome, in under 2:20 minutes.  Handicaps will be established during week one of the league and will be updated based on each week's performance throughout the league season.  A WSGA/USGA handicap is NOT required.

85% of individual handicap will be used each week in determining weekly handicaps.


The largest number of handicap strokes we will award any player is 18 for nine holes, regardless of handicap calculations.


Format: - Each league night begins with a shotgun at 5:30 p.m.  BLUE TEES.


Week 1 --- Stroke Play Night
Each team will play nine holes of stroke play.  Players will be required to keep their score and hole everything out, but nothing higher than a double bogey will be counted in establishing a handicap.  League handicaps will be determined based on your week one and week two scores.  Handicaps will continue to adjust throughout the season based on your overall league performance.


If a team member misses week 1, they will start as a zero handicap unless they played in league last year or have a WSGA handicap.


Weeks 2 through 12 ---- Net Better Ball Matches
The format of the league will be: net better ball match play versus another team in your division.  There will be five possible points for each team each week.  A team winning a hole during the nine-hole match wins one point for each hole won.  If a hole is halved, each team receives a ½ point.  The maximum number of points each team can win per match is 5 points; however, a team that has reached 5 points for the match is also trying to limit the number of points the opposing team wins.

For example, Team A wins the first five holes of the match.  They have earned the maximum five points for the match.  However, Team B can still win the last four holes to earn 4 points for their team.  Each team's goal each week is to win 5 points, while limiting their opponents to as few points as possible.  Even though Team A has won 5 points, they can still win the last 4 holes to hold Team B to zero points for the week.


Week 13 ---- Championship Night (Aug. 3rd)
The top four teams from each division in the season long points standings will earn a berth to play for the "League Championship Title".


These eight teams will participate in a best ball format.  85% of league handicaps will be used for each player.  No substitutes will be allowed on this night.  The team with the low nine-hole Net Better Ball score will be crowned the champion.


Teams not qualifying for the championship showdown will play on Championship Night in a scramble format.


*All Prizes are awarded as gift cards.


No Shows:
If a team member is unable to show for a week's scheduled match, the remaining player has two options:

  • Find a player with an average nine-hole score of less than 52.  This player must be reported to the Head Golf Professional or golf professional on duty.  Substitutes must be submitted prior to 11 a.m. Monday morning of the scheduled week.  If that player has a USGA Handicap (no other handicaps are allowable; including internet-based), it will be multiplied by .85 and then cut in half nine-hole league use.  If the player does not have a handicap, he/she will play at scratch.  No exceptions.
  • Go without a partner and play your own ball for the nine holes.



NOTE:  A late player may join at the beginning of any hole, but may not practice on the course (i.e., hit shots in the fairway or putt while waiting to join on the next hole).


It is your responsibility to make arrangements to have two players each week.  Teams that do not show up will be given zero points for the week and 1 point will be subtracted from their season total.


If a team drops out of the league after the league season has started, all teams will receive an automatic five points for that match regardless of whether they have already played that team or not.


We will attempt to allow you alternate between play on the front and back nine - but please understand that this is not always possible, due to outside factors.